Friday, December 18, 2009

Stats and Books

So no door to door tonight but I did end up buying back a LOT of books. I finished the (undisclosed) amount of money to give to people. So tomorrow after my final final I am going door to door in the West Apartments to achieve the ultimate amount of money that I can get.

Wish me luck for I will need it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Outside Hurts

Just got back from canvassing the West Apartments with flyers for Belltower Books, a book buyback company i am working for. There were a LOT of stairs involved. Now I have to sit and wait for someone to call or text me. My legs hurt. My next step is to actually go door to door tonight and hope for the best.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School is Work

Who Knew?

Okay I already knew that but for the first time in my life I am understanding the grave importance of studying. I have never in my entire studied this much. Its quite rewarding. I think so far I've studied about 14+ hours in the last 3 days. Doesn't really seem like a lot but for me, its A LOT. Thats only one subject by the way, there is a metric ton worth of information in this course.

Finals on thursday. Luck will play a little part.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Long Island Weather

Its a strange phenomenon that seems to have logical pattern whatsoever. For instance today is partly cloudy and 45 degrees where as yesterday it was pouring down rain and the before it was so cold the wind would hurt as one walked along. None of this makes sense to me coming from a place where the overall constant is fog with a mild chance of sunshine. All of this reminds me of an ecard. Go ahead and look at it laugh then sympathize with me.

Oh, and caroling update. apparently its just postponed. YAY!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain, the anti-Carol

Well today is not as exciting as planned. Rain has decide to ruin this fantastic parade of musical skill and fun. WHY?!? This is totally anti-climactic, this was going to be our big finish not whatever the last gig we did. We did not get invited to do this. It was an invention of our own, nobody else's and it was going to be great. I'm hoping the rain will quickly cease and desist but I don't have much hope in that matter.

Updates to come later,
J.C. Lewis

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The New Day Two

So here I am at the second day of my return to the internet writing world. Its been quite an interesting day. Woke up at a brisk noonish and relaxed the majority of the day.

I just got back from the Vocalists Concert and am now sitting in the Kelly Coffeehouse listening to CAKE.

Tomorrow is going to be exciting! The High C's are going to Port Jefferson, a local seaside town about 15 minutes off campus. We're going to carol among the people and hopefully gain some support from the outside community.

Next semester has quite a lot of potential! I'm taking 4, count 'em 4 theatre courses and I will be preparing for auditions throughout the semester off campus at professional theaters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for getting cast in a summer show.

Soon off to the potato state for christmas eve the big west coast state for the x-mas day and new years then back to the bitter east for some writing.

Until next time,
J.C. Lewis

Friday, December 11, 2009

Resurrection Is Rewarding.

Hello again world,

It sure has been awhile since I have been posting here. I have neglected this for another mistress, photography.

I'm going to really try to keep both running at the same time. Its going to be a challenge but my eyes were opened this semester by a teacher here at Stony Brook who said that writing is an ongoing process, one that needs to be honed over time. I figure if I can just sit down and write for ten minutes a day I can see some sort of improvement.

Now that that is out of the way its time for an update of my life.

I am close to done with the first semester of my sophomore year here at SBU and I am as happy as happy can be. Its incredible! I'm having the fantastic time I should have had last year. I'm still singing my heart out and taking lessons off campus from the Rob Gallagher who is awesome and has taught me an incredible amount of new technique. I have another niche of theatre and have found myself in a job that gets me a lot of practice in technical theatre. I'm working as a stage hand at Staller Center for the Arts. I get to do a variety of different and awesome jobs including: projections, operating the fly rail just to mention a few.

It has come to the end of the semester and I am ready for it to end. Not to mention a bit of a break from the iceberg that has settled over Stony Brook.

Welcome Back,

J.C. Lewis