Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay so yesterday was INCREDIBLE but today I'm sore. I am not one who deals with pain very well, so this whole hurting thing, not for me. I'm in relatively good shape, or at least that's what I keep telling myself, but yesterday was the first time I had done a lot of strenuous activity. It was a whole lot of fun going from boulder to boulder.

Luckily there are miraculous remedies like Tiger Balm and Ibuprofen. I spent a good hour lying on my stomach while there was a massive burning sensation on my back and upper shoulders. The pain slowly crept away and now there is no pain! It's so nice, Tiger Balm is stupendous!

Anyways, Em and I planned on going to the river but we were too sore to go swimming. So we started our whole reason for being up here, moving Em's stuff and leaving behind her car. It's quite a process especially because she has quite a bit of stuff.

Well I'm off to help.

Thanks for reading,


lifemoos. said...

jessieee. what were you doing thats so sore? but i do agree, tiger bald is le amazing.
missing you so much, mrao!!-jo

lifemoos. said...

oh shit, i just realized that i had a blog. O_o