Saturday, August 23, 2008

New York

So I thought that I would talk about what's coming for me.

I'm moving from San Francisco, California to Stony Brook, New York which is about 60 miles east of NYC on Long Island. I'm really excited for this brand new part of my life even thought I have no idea what to expect.

It's going to be difficult to leave home but I have to do it eventually, so why not now? When I'm young and rearing to go and explore new things, meet new people and see if what I love is really what I love.

I'm planning on majoring in Theatre Arts and Marine Vertebrate Biology with a minor in Vocal Performance (Music) but for all I know I'll get there and decide I want to be a Lawyer(NOT). One just never knows.

The school is huge but apparently not big enough for all of the students because they are ten percent over capacity (which means as a freshmen I get shafted and put in a room with three people that is designed for two). Fun? I hope so. My roommates seem really cool from the e-mails that have been sent.

Overall it sounds fun. I leave on Wednesday, very very soon.

As always,


lifemoos. said...

i wish youd make another post/update. . . . liebe gruse jessie.